Bathroom Demo Day

The first thing that I couldn’t wait to do was to demo the bathroom and the first thing to go were the fiberglass walls! I’m sure they were very in Vogue during their day, but alas this is 2017!! Upon initial inspection it seemed that the tub and sink were both in great shape, so those will stay. During any renovation it is important to us to keep any and all original pieces that we can and still maintain safety, while keeping the integrity of the home in tact.

The linoleum floors along with the fiberglass walls came off quite easily. During the demo, we had to take the baseboards off to be able to remove the fiberglass walls. Tip: be sure to label each piece of trim as you take it off to be sure it will make it back to it’s original spot.

Therefore this is what we have to do in this room:

  1. move one of the existing walls back 1 foot and make an open shelving unit for storage.
  2. install a shower head
  3. tile the tub surround
  4. tile the floor
  5. replace the toilet
  6. install wainscoting to replace the fiberglass walls
  7. paint
  8. new lighting

Whew… just a few things on our list. We will have this done in a jiffy!

Watch the link below the bathroom after some demo.


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