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April Workshop Schedule






Workshop Schedule

Friday, April 7th  @ 10am – 12 noon – * Paint Techniques $65

Saturday, April 22nd  @ 10am – 12 noon *** “Cabinet Painting 101” – $75

Thursday, April 27th @ 6pm – 8pm** “Flower Power” – $65

* “Paint Techniques” – This workshop is a beginner workshop to learn the technique of the Annie Sloan method. We will begin by using basic application of paint & wax to sample boards and then finishing with a piece of your own measuring no larger than 24” x 24”. This workshop will give you a fee l for the paint, how easily it is applied, the comfort of the brushes, the silkiness of the wax and what it’s purpose is, and finally answer any questions you may have about Chalk Paintâ.

** “Flower Power” – In this class we will create your own painted metal/wood flower. First, we will paint the metal for our petals and leaves and the “stem”. Then we will assemble our flower/stake. This will be yours to take home and place in your garden area.

***”Cabinet Painting 101” – Are your cabinets still in good shape just need updating? Don’t want to spend a lot of money but want a high-end look? This workshop for you! In this moderate/advanced workshop we will look at the necessary steps to prep your cabinets for painting, discuss color/technique options, and guide you down the right path to fabulous cabinet painting! (Spouses are welcome! J) You may bring one of your cabinet doors or one will be provided for you. Please let us know.

Due to limited space, please plan on full payment of your workshop upon sign-up to reserve your space. You may reschedule to another workshop if given 48 hours notice otherwise you will lose your workshop fee. Call 662.396.2299

Table Time

Growing up having meals together was very commonplace, but today with everything going on, it’s very difficult for all family members to actually be present and accounted for at mealtime. I have so many memories of being with my family at the table trying new dishes, eating my Granny’s fruit jello, talking about everything, anything, nothing, and my sister sitting at the table for an hour because she wouldn’t eat her oatmeal. Between work, school, church, ball schedules, and everything we do, it feels as if we are running a rat race with no end in sight. With this said, meal time has become a precious time not to be wasted in our household.


It amazes me how many people don’t sit at an actual table, use actual plates, forks, knives, spoons, and napkins… It has always been very important to me that my children have table manners and know how to eat in front of others not only so they wouldn’t be an embarrassment to us as parents, but to themselves. These skills are definitely scarce to some these days. In the McGrath household, we make a point, at least one night a week, to cook a full meal, pull out the fine dishes, cloth napkins, and set the table with all the trimmings.  T.V. is off, no cell phones allowed (this is our policy at any meal time), background music, and conversation and laughter are encouraged!


It is during these meal times that we talk about happenings, struggles, successes, and just be silly sometimes. With two of our boys grown and living on their own, and only one son still left at home, our table has diminished, but we continue to try new recipes, invite family and friends to enjoy this time with us each week and encourage others to be sure to cherish this family table time. This is when memories are made, taste buds are developed and my sister did learn to enjoy her oatmeal.



Farmhouse Chic

We recently had the privilege to help one of our customers decorate her new medical clinic. One of the pieces in the clinic was this farmhouse table. Staying true to our local craftsmen, we had our “overall man” (this is what the girls at the shop call him, lol), custom design and make this table for the clinic.

The table measured 7′ long and 3′ wide; the top was constructed out of poplar and the legs out of solid oak. This table was a beauty in its natural state. But alas, we painted it to suit the space.

The first thing that I did was to stain the top with a beautiful mix of blues and greens…

Next I painted the table legs Annie Sloan® Old White, waxed them, then applied another coat of Old White. I waxed in between to give a nice worn effect. It’s really beautiful.

Lastly, I applied Artesian Enhancements® Clear Topcoat Sealer to give a layer of protection to the table. This sealer can be applied over wax and also has a matte finish. It also serves as an indoor/outdoor sealer and has a 2 day cure time.


If you would like a Farmhouse table of your own, give us a call at Rowan House! 662.396.2299

Mindfully Made in Mississippi

If you have read our bio and know anything about Rowan House we strive to offer our customers and community quality, handcrafted, mindfully made products from right here at home. There’s something to be said about buying/using locally grown/made products. I grew up on a farm near Corinth, and though I didn’t realize how great I really had it then, I do now. My mom made our clothes, canned our food, taught us so many things that I am so appreciative of now. My father was very gifted with wood working, making furniture, and making “something out of nothing”. With that said, it is very important to us at Rowan House to support our local artisans.

Today we had a visit from one of our new vendors, Munson and Brothers (Yes, it was personally delivered by the owner/creator/operator). We are very excited to be partnering with them to provide our customers with a high quality beard oil, beard balm, and skin care line that is mindfully made right here in Mississippi. Munson and Brothers provide masterfully blended beard oils available in 1 & 3 oz. bottles. Need to shape that wiry beard? They have something for that too! Beard Balm! Their products come in four amazing scents, Three Kings, Soul Storming, Sweet Mint, and Orange Clove. I can’t seem to choose a favorite yet, because each one has a distinct scent for a distinct occasion, it seems. Munson and Brothers has done an excellent job creating this line of men’s and women’s products. By the way, their packaging is to die for!!! Just sayin!

Go tame that beard,



New Year, New You!

Well, 2017 is here and so many of us have vowed to make changes that we will or will not keep…

Some of my resolutions were to choose a healthier lifestyle and to make more time for my family and myself. I’m always working at the shop and painting for others, my home sometimes get neglected. My to-do list grows longer and longer each week. One of my other resolutions was to blog more. Yes, this is something that I truly love to do is to write, but alas, life gets in the way. 2017 is a new year, new me, so here goes!

Rowan House has lots of new projects on the horizon. Our customers have truly been wonderful in supporting us and now our new and improved website has just launched featuring our online store offering Chalk Paint®, decorative paint by Annie Sloan! Wow!! We have partnered with so many local handcrafted artisans in our great state of Mississippi, and other areas close to us. We have added new furniture and lighting lines to meet the needs of our customers. Great things are coming in 2017!!

We can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for us here at Rowan House! Stay tuned in and we will be in touch!