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Easter Centerpiece

Wow! Spring is here and Easter is approaching fast! So we’ve been preparing our tables for family dinners, get togethers, etc. One of the most common requests we have at the shop is “I need help with a centerpiece for my table!” We’re always happy to help! 

Centerpieces are really quite simple, it’s a building process. It can be so much fun, and you will be surprised at what you can create just by using items you have around the house. First, find a focal point. In this centerpiece, we are using some really fabulous wooden rabbits we have in the shop. See what you have tucked in that closet, dust it off and go for it.

Next, all you need is some greenery! This can be found right in your backyard! Magnolia leaves are always a good go to; Shrubbery, lilies, dogwood, forsythia. There are so many great florals blooming right now, and they’re FREE! So start trimming!! Gently tuck the greenery and florals into the holes and Voil La’! 

Make this a fun project with your children too. Send them on a scavenger hunt and see what they come up with?!?!? Children always love to be involved in projects in the home. You’ll both be pleased with your Spring centerpiece!

If you would like us to help you with your projects or just see what we do, please visit us on FB and Instagram, “Rowan House” or We are located at 604 Wick Street in Corinth, Mississippi. We would love to hear from you! 

Emily; Industrious One

Ben Franklin once said, “Industry, perseverance & frugality make fortune yield.” Hmm. 

If you know me at all, then you know that I tend to work, work, and work some more… My mother said the other day that she chose my name wisely; Emily means “Industrious One”. She really named me after Emily from the Bob Newhart show! Ha!! But too much work can make you loose sight of many other important things. God. Family. Church. These are all things that should be prioritized with work falling just behind church. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my job, my shop and my customers!!! I have a blast decorating, socializing, spending money, and doing what I love and a wonderful crew to do it with!

So with that said, I want to take a minute to be thankful for the few days off that we are taking from work this week to celebrate our countries independence and birth. On July 4th, 1776 our country was born. We celebrate our freedom, right to religion, and freedom to do as we please. As we sang the National Anthem at Oakland Baptist Church this morning, it made me swell with pride that we have the privilege to live in such a great country. My flag will be flying high and I’ll wear my red, white, and blue with pride!

During these few days off, I will be “working”, I mean relaxing. My relaxing consist of gardening, cleaning out my closets, being with family and friends, and sitting on the front porch reading a good book. Even though I may not sit still for very long, I will be enjoying this much needed time off from the everyday wonderful job that I have. I may not ever have a fortune in dollars, but I definitely will always be industrious, persevere, and be rich in love.

Let me know how you plan on spending your time off! Comment below! Rowan House will be closed July 3rd, 4th, & 5th in observance of our nations independence. We will re-open July 6th @ 10 a.m.

Until next time,



Mr. Dick this is to you!


Mr. Dick (Richard Atkins):


Kind, Generous, Thoughtful, Helpful, Honest, Hospitable, Considerate, Unselfish, Charitable, Fair, Loving, Giving, Uncle, Brother, Father, Grandfather, Friend… Just plain GOOD!!!

Last week a very dear friend, grandfather figure, neighbor, Mr. Dick, passed away after fighting a two year battle with prostate cancer. Mr. Dick was our neighbor for the past six years. Not only was he our neighbor, but all of the aforementioned! When we first moved to the “city”, Mr. Dick was the first on our doorstep with goodies and offering to help us move in. He was there to check in on us, be sure we had everything we needed, and continued this until he was unable physically to do these things. Even then he was always asking us how we were!!

“Mr. Dick” (this is what everyone knew him as) had no children of his own, biologically, but in fact he had 100’s of children and grandchildren. He adopted anyone he met! Anyone that knew Mr. Dick knew that he was a kind and generous man who would do anything for anyone. He was so great at connecting with people and “showing them the way”.

Mr. Dick was an active member of his church, First Presbyterian of Corinth, MS; active in his community, the biggest Ole Miss fan ever, and loved being around others. His home as well as his heart was always open to anyone who wanted to come and be a part of his world. The kids knew he would always be there to give ice-cream and popsicles, runners in the neighborhood knew his outdoor refrigerator was always stocked with water for them to “grab & go”, and his home was always open to anyone who wanted to stop for a chat and of course you had eat something too. Mr. Dick was known for making sure everyone was fed and had plenty before they left his home.

Mr. Dick also loved to see those he love succeed! When Jason and I first started talking about opening Rowan House, he was encouraging and eager to help us get started. I can’t tell you how many customers he sent to our shop!! Anyone he saw he would ask them, “Have you been to Rowan House?” (Chad Dickerson you can attest to this! And if you haven’t been to Sanctuary be sure to go!) When we moved to a larger space, Mr. Dick was there to help!!! He not only came and gave us “direction” (ha ha), he came by daily to check on the progress, brought us food for nourishment and even when he didn’t feel well he came! He would have the girls find him a comfy chair and he assembled lamps or unpacked inventory. After we opened he would bring the girls candy and food, which we LOVED!!!

I pray that his upbeat spirit and generosity will be a lesson to us all! I know that many of us have stories about “Mr. Dick” and I encourage you to share them in the comments below. During his sickness he was upbeat, faithful, and always thinking of others first. He had a deep faith in our Lord and Savior and showed his faith to others daily. I pray that I can show that same generosity and faithfulness to others. Jeremiah 31:3 says “I have loved you with an everlasting love…” Mr. Dick showed the same love that Jesus has shown to us, and I pray that we would elevate our expectations and show love to others today and everyday!

To see more about Rowan House and Chalk Paint, decorative paint by Annie Sloan, visit



Bathroom Demo Day

The first thing that I couldn’t wait to do was to demo the bathroom and the first thing to go were the fiberglass walls! I’m sure they were very in Vogue during their day, but alas this is 2017!! Upon initial inspection it seemed that the tub and sink were both in great shape, so those will stay. During any renovation it is important to us to keep any and all original pieces that we can and still maintain safety, while keeping the integrity of the home in tact.

The linoleum floors along with the fiberglass walls came off quite easily. During the demo, we had to take the baseboards off to be able to remove the fiberglass walls. Tip: be sure to label each piece of trim as you take it off to be sure it will make it back to it’s original spot.

Therefore this is what we have to do in this room:

  1. move one of the existing walls back 1 foot and make an open shelving unit for storage.
  2. install a shower head
  3. tile the tub surround
  4. tile the floor
  5. replace the toilet
  6. install wainscoting to replace the fiberglass walls
  7. paint
  8. new lighting

Whew… just a few things on our list. We will have this done in a jiffy!

Watch the link below the bathroom after some demo.


Chat later,



Rowan House Ranch

So we closed on our new “Fixer Upper” this week! We’ve got lots of great video and pics for you to see of the “Before we begin the renovation”.  This sweet ranch style home was built in 1958 and has some real potential. Boasting triple wood walls for insulation (shiplap behind all the drywall, SCORE!!!), original wood trimmed windows, crown molding, and beautiful wood floors!

On the negative side; the home has no air conditioning and has furnaces installed that will definitely be replaced with central heating and air. With fiberglass paneling in the bathroom and kitchen, and the kitchen! The kitchen! The appliances are all lined up in a row… including the washing machine! Nothing a little Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan won’t fix. 🙂

Anywho, we’ve got our work cut out for us in this renovation! But this ranch is going to be amazing when we finish with the remodel! Can’t wait to share with you all the plans we have! So be sure to watch for updates on our FaceBook, Instagram, and of course where we will post before, during and after pics.

Stay tuned,


Rowan House Renovation


Rowan House is about to take you, our customers and followers, on an exciting adventure! A Rowan House Renovation!! We’re going to take you step by step through a complete home renovation! Eeeeekkkkkk!!!! How exciting!

This will be a digital journal of our adventure through room by room of a complete home renovation. From the laundry room to the kitchen to the last bedroom… Each paint color, piece of tile, sheetrock, and brick will be documented through our website, Face Book page and Instagram.

And of course everything will be available through Rowan House, 604 Wick Street, Corinth, MS 38834.

We will also be asking our viewers for their input and advice throughout the process. Pics and more details are coming soon! So stay tuned!!

Much love,


Dark Wax or Black Wax by Annie Sloan®️???

Black Wax

This is a question that we get a lot from our customers at Rowan House. Do I need Dark Wax or Black Wax by Annie Sloan®???


First, we ask them what piece they are painting. The style of the piece they are painting will suggest many things about the piece. Where it should be used, the color it should be painted, and of course the color wax that should be used to finish the piece. For example, if the piece has straight, clean lines then more than likely it is a modern piece and we would suggest a cool color and therefore would use black wax to finish the piece.

Next, we might ask what other colors are in the room. If a customer is using colors like yellows, reds, or oranges then we would suggest the Dark Wax by Annie Sloan® because these are warm color tones. Some examples of warm colors are Arles, Barcelona Orange, Emperor’s Silk, and/or Olive. Warm colors can make a room look smaller so be careful when using these colors not to over do it. When using colors like grays, greens, blues, then we would suggest using Black Wax by Annie Sloan® because these are cool color tones. Some examples of cool colors are Antibes Green, Burgundy, French Linen, Greek Blue, Paris Grey, and Old Violet. These colors can make a room appear much larger than it really is.

At Rowan House we love to mix cool and warm color tones too! YES! It is definitely okay to do so!! This allows you to get the best of both color tones 🙂 Soft cool grey walls paired with warm lacquered pine floors accented with Navy and off-whites. These color tones give you both a relaxing feel along with a soothing, warm fuzzy feeling that anyone would be welcome to live in!

So if your ready to start your project visit us at our website or visit to find a stockist near you!!

Until next time,


April Workshop Schedule






Workshop Schedule

Friday, April 7th  @ 10am – 12 noon – * Paint Techniques $65

Saturday, April 22nd  @ 10am – 12 noon *** “Cabinet Painting 101” – $75

Thursday, April 27th @ 6pm – 8pm** “Flower Power” – $65

* “Paint Techniques” – This workshop is a beginner workshop to learn the technique of the Annie Sloan method. We will begin by using basic application of paint & wax to sample boards and then finishing with a piece of your own measuring no larger than 24” x 24”. This workshop will give you a fee l for the paint, how easily it is applied, the comfort of the brushes, the silkiness of the wax and what it’s purpose is, and finally answer any questions you may have about Chalk Paintâ.

** “Flower Power” – In this class we will create your own painted metal/wood flower. First, we will paint the metal for our petals and leaves and the “stem”. Then we will assemble our flower/stake. This will be yours to take home and place in your garden area.

***”Cabinet Painting 101” – Are your cabinets still in good shape just need updating? Don’t want to spend a lot of money but want a high-end look? This workshop for you! In this moderate/advanced workshop we will look at the necessary steps to prep your cabinets for painting, discuss color/technique options, and guide you down the right path to fabulous cabinet painting! (Spouses are welcome! J) You may bring one of your cabinet doors or one will be provided for you. Please let us know.

Due to limited space, please plan on full payment of your workshop upon sign-up to reserve your space. You may reschedule to another workshop if given 48 hours notice otherwise you will lose your workshop fee. Call 662.396.2299

Table Time

Growing up having meals together was very commonplace, but today with everything going on, it’s very difficult for all family members to actually be present and accounted for at mealtime. I have so many memories of being with my family at the table trying new dishes, eating my Granny’s fruit jello, talking about everything, anything, nothing, and my sister sitting at the table for an hour because she wouldn’t eat her oatmeal. Between work, school, church, ball schedules, and everything we do, it feels as if we are running a rat race with no end in sight. With this said, meal time has become a precious time not to be wasted in our household.


It amazes me how many people don’t sit at an actual table, use actual plates, forks, knives, spoons, and napkins… It has always been very important to me that my children have table manners and know how to eat in front of others not only so they wouldn’t be an embarrassment to us as parents, but to themselves. These skills are definitely scarce to some these days. In the McGrath household, we make a point, at least one night a week, to cook a full meal, pull out the fine dishes, cloth napkins, and set the table with all the trimmings.  T.V. is off, no cell phones allowed (this is our policy at any meal time), background music, and conversation and laughter are encouraged!


It is during these meal times that we talk about happenings, struggles, successes, and just be silly sometimes. With two of our boys grown and living on their own, and only one son still left at home, our table has diminished, but we continue to try new recipes, invite family and friends to enjoy this time with us each week and encourage others to be sure to cherish this family table time. This is when memories are made, taste buds are developed and my sister did learn to enjoy her oatmeal.