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Dark Wax or Black Wax by Annie Sloan®️???

Black Wax

This is a question that we get a lot from our customers at Rowan House. Do I need Dark Wax or Black Wax by Annie Sloan®???


First, we ask them what piece they are painting. The style of the piece they are painting will suggest many things about the piece. Where it should be used, the color it should be painted, and of course the color wax that should be used to finish the piece. For example, if the piece has straight, clean lines then more than likely it is a modern piece and we would suggest a cool color and therefore would use black wax to finish the piece.

Next, we might ask what other colors are in the room. If a customer is using colors like yellows, reds, or oranges then we would suggest the Dark Wax by Annie Sloan® because these are warm color tones. Some examples of warm colors are Arles, Barcelona Orange, Emperor’s Silk, and/or Olive. Warm colors can make a room look smaller so be careful when using these colors not to over do it. When using colors like grays, greens, blues, then we would suggest using Black Wax by Annie Sloan® because these are cool color tones. Some examples of cool colors are Antibes Green, Burgundy, French Linen, Greek Blue, Paris Grey, and Old Violet. These colors can make a room appear much larger than it really is.

At Rowan House we love to mix cool and warm color tones too! YES! It is definitely okay to do so!! This allows you to get the best of both color tones 🙂 Soft cool grey walls paired with warm lacquered pine floors accented with Navy and off-whites. These color tones give you both a relaxing feel along with a soothing, warm fuzzy feeling that anyone would be welcome to live in!

So if your ready to start your project visit us at our website shoprowanhouse.com or visit anniesloan.com to find a stockist near you!!

Until next time,