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Meet the Designer, Owner, Blogger, Mom, Wife…

Written above is in no particular order, it just depends on the day and hour. LOL!!! Just like many of you, I wear many hats and sometimes more than one at a time. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to run my own business. As my mom will tell you, my name “Emily” means “Industrious One”. Mother always said she named me correctly!

As many of you know I LOVE to antique, decorate, redecorate, repurpose, and get creative! I have always had a passion for making things new again. So in 2015, our two oldest sons had just left for college and the military. After a whirlwind Senior year, and going from 5 people to 3 at home, I was going stir crazy!! Again if you know me, you know I don’t like to be idle!

During this time, I was looking for an office space at the time for my job working in education. (I was in education for 10 years before starting the shop) The Lord is always on time! He provided me with the perfect starting location in the SoCo District of Corinth, MS. The space was a little large for what we needed, so my husband, Jason, suggested I open the shop that I had always wanted to have. SHOCK is the only way to describe my reaction. I had mentioned several ideas to him before and he didn’t agree or didn’t feel that it was a good time. Again, the Lord’s timing, not ours!

So in May 2015, we opened Rowan House. We offered Chalk Paint, decorative paint by Annie Sloan, repurposed furniture, gifts and home decor. Since this time we have moved into a space 3 times the size we started out with and offer everything from interior design, furniture, upholstery, wedding registry, home decor and anything you can want or need!

Next week will be our 4 year anniversary and I have to say God and our customers have been more than a blessing! I also have to say that I had and still have some great mentors in Julie & Brian at Shirley Dawgs and Nicole at The Purple Daisy! They offered me direction and answered my many business questions. I hope that I have been a good mentor to those that came after me.

Over the last several years, our family in the SoCo District has grown from a few to many new shops and each and every one is unique in its own way. We have an excellent group of entrepreneurs on our street and in ourdowntown PERIOD!

Our youngest son, Cole, is a Senior and about to graduate from high school. He will be playing basketball at our local junior college next year. I continue to offer design services, all of the afore mentioned, and am still in the SoCo District of Corinth, MS. I pray that our little shop will thrive and be an inspiration to those that currently do business with us and those that are to come.

If you would like to visit us, pop on down to 604 Wick Street, Corinth, MS. You can visit us on FB & Instagram, or email us at rowan.house@hotmail.com with any questions, suggestions, or comments! We would love for you to visit our YouTube channel as well, “Rowan on Wick”!! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Sophisticated Elegance

Welcome back to our blog! Today I’m going to give you entrance into my home by showing you our guest bedroom!! Designed by ME!!!

Emily J. McGrath/owner of Rowan House, Corinth, MS

This room is a rather large room and has been many things over the years; bedroom, game/tv room… and recently had become a catchall room! Our children (all boys) are older and come home to visit often and bring friends with them. So we really needed to make this room function as a guest bedroom. I know you’re thinking that our guests will probably be men, but I’m thinking ahead! They’ll be married soon, hopefully!! LOL

Being a mom with three boys, I have always been respectful of their tastes and not been to girly with our home decor. The way I would describe our home is functional, comfortable, and lived in! The way any home should be!! So for this room I really wanted to go out a limb and do something frilly, fun, and feminine! It’s TIME, right?!!

To begin with, I found these fabulous night stands! They were very unusual and not like anything that I had seen before. If you don’t know yet, I LOVE to use Chalk Paint, decorative paint by Annie Sloan! We paint lots of furniture in the shop! So Color! What is a good girly color? PINK, of course!! These nightstands became the inspiration for the room. Antionette Pink was the color of choice, with crystal knobs and gold gilding wax for accents.

Night stand painted in Antionette

After choosing the night stand colors, being our inspiration I knew that I wanted the room to feel very cozy. Therefore I chose a very dark wall color, Calm Interlude, from Farrell-Calhoun. Click on the link to find your nearest dealer! This wall color was PERFECT!!! It really created a warm and cozy atmosphere. Exactly what I was going for!

Next was choosing a bed! At Rowan House we do lots of upholstery work and fabric headboards. We recently completed one for a customer that I absolutely fell in love with!! So I decided to use it in our room as well! Thanks Jessica! We made a tufted headboard from a soft, grey/beige velvet that feels amazing!! Using a Grace Duvet set of soft cotton bedding from Pom Pom at Home to complete our look! This set retails for only $415.00 for a queen! With such a dark wall color we needed to lighten the room up a bit.

All that was left was to add finishing touches! We used a crystal chandelier, also found at Rowan House! Nothing says “girly” like a crystal chandelier! I also used some rare prints I found at a rare prints gallery in Franklin, TN, had them framed and they added so much to the room. Then we accented with gold lamps, trinkets, shiny picture frames, but I think my favorite are the gold giraffe statues and the gold sparkly elephant bookends! These little accents make a room really feel “put together”.

If you love this room and want to work with us or have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us at Rowan House, 604 Wick Street, Corinth, MS 38834. Our phone number is 662.396.2299 or you can email us at rowan.house@hotmail.com. And be sure to follow us on FB and Instagram!

See final photos below!!

Rare Print