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Easter Centerpiece

Wow! Spring is here and Easter is approaching fast! So we’ve been preparing our tables for family dinners, get togethers, etc. One of the most common requests we have at the shop is “I need help with a centerpiece for my table!” We’re always happy to help! 

Centerpieces are really quite simple, it’s a building process. It can be so much fun, and you will be surprised at what you can create just by using items you have around the house. First, find a focal point. In this centerpiece, we are using some really fabulous wooden rabbits we have in the shop. See what you have tucked in that closet, dust it off and go for it.

Next, all you need is some greenery! This can be found right in your backyard! Magnolia leaves are always a good go to; Shrubbery, lilies, dogwood, forsythia. There are so many great florals blooming right now, and they’re FREE! So start trimming!! Gently tuck the greenery and florals into the holes and Voil La’! 

Make this a fun project with your children too. Send them on a scavenger hunt and see what they come up with?!?!? Children always love to be involved in projects in the home. You’ll both be pleased with your Spring centerpiece!

If you would like us to help you with your projects or just see what we do, please visit us on FB and Instagram, “Rowan House” or @rowan.house. We are located at 604 Wick Street in Corinth, Mississippi. We would love to hear from you!